September 11 (9/11)

September 11 is an unfortunate day for many mainly USA and world; including me too;

How ? you may ask.

9/11 ruined many lifes and families as you know. And it directly linked to me too.

Because its her Birthday too.

On Her 1st Birthday, together I planned many things some surprise gifts and I was thinking about it till 10th September. But unfortunately I forgot it on that day and went to office as usual.

As someone said “Best way to remember wife Birthday, forget once” that also I forgot her 1st birthday Together.

When I reached Office, her Brother called me, as we do not had Telephone at home; and asked how is she?

I said she is fine, why are you asking.
He said anything special today?
I said no, what for.
He said its her Birthday;
He dropped Atom Bomb on me. I really forgot and busy with work.

But he did`t stopped there, he called everyone from his family and told that I forgot her 1st birthday together.

One thought on “September 11 (9/11)

  1. Hi,

    We have Two thing in common,

    first our wife had same Birth date and second is they had filled false 498A against us.

    BTW I am Atit and recently my wife had filled 498A against me. chargesheet is submitted and trail will start soon. Need your help if you can guide me to come out of this.

    my email id is

    Thanks and Regards,

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