She made him Sleep EMPTY Stomach

Our son more attached to me than his mother;
He always wanted to eat from my hands
He was sleeping on my chest; even he slept with his mother in the morning when we got up he always with me in my bed.

He has good friend, our neighbor, his name is Ashish, whenever Glenn goes to his home, and he used to play with his toy bus, so they thought like giving that toy bus to Glenn. And Glenn was very happy to have that bus, but one fine day that bus disappeared all of a sudden. Months later when we went to her sister house I found that bus with her sister son who is 3 year older than Glenn. Coz this lady gave it to him than her own son.

Not only that, her Sister son was 3 year older than Our son Glenn still she used to carry him whenever he cry, but she hardly lifted our son Glenn, because he was my son and she liked her sister son more than her own son.

Once she fought with me at night, no need to say she called her mother that day. She exhausted all the ways to harass me but found ultimate way to irritate me. That night she did`t gave anything to Glenn not even she allowed me to give any food to him; she locked bedroom and slept; when I tried to feed him; she hugged him tight and started to cry loudly because I was pulling him to feed him. He was so afraid and he slept empty stomach that night.

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  1. Hearing all about the fact,iwill only say that many & many mens are treated very badly only because of the extra rights given to the women side.But not to be worry “God looks after all(weather apearson,a judge,a council or anybody else).they are treated equally.God will help your son from solving this issue weather in the form of time or judgement in court.

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