She will not be happy in her life…

What she gain losing her marriage?..

Many said she has gone for good; why are you thinking about her; let her go may be you will get better girl than she, and your destiny may be somewhere else. Who knows.

I asked many women.. about it and none said she is not worth to take her back.

Some said. Who knows me very well at that time I was earning only 15,000 per month. As soon as she left and her false complaint and her men forced you to leave the country and you found better job than before, and now you earn 10 times more than what you were earning when she was with you don`t you think she was a BAD omen.

My dad said, forgive her even if she harassed me for 7 years and still harassing. But before that when I was going to India in every 3 months to stand trial, my grand mother was asking why I came alone, she did`t know my wife left me, coz we did not told everyone. We told her after 2 years in 2002.

I`m the favorite grand son and son of my granny and my beloved Father. When my grand mother came to know that my wife left me.. she cursed her from her death bed before she expired in 2004. she said ..

Who ever harassed me, will not be happy in their life.

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