Speedy Reply….!

Frustrated after waiting for so many years; and changing 2 lawyer,ended up nowhere or back to square……As none of my appeal reached nowhere. 498A, Divorce, and Child custody.

When i called home, and found out at last Divorce judge agreed to send her notice and Stick it on her Door when she did not came for any dates. and also ordered to News Paper Publication.

Meanwhile i received one letter from Karnataka State Legal,updating on my case when i asked why so delay in my case, they Adviced me to ask for SPEEDY trial….

And i also got one more mail from LAW and Judiciary department of Maharashtra, asking me to Go to High Court in Dowry Case. they Shamelessly wrote…..

In reply to you letter Dated 02-April-2006….

and its Reply received on 17-Feb-2007.

What a SPEEDY reply.

I spent lakh on this False case….

When you appoint any lawyer for 498a IPC, even before they know somehting, just on word 498A, they demand keep 50,000 Ready….

Now judiciary asking me to approch HC,but who will pay these expensus….

I think this law is made to make money,feed BLACK clad lawyers and those judiciary officials has commission on every case.

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