Spent Whole Night Standing

After I called up my home and informed parents, that police has arrested me;

Police made me sit on a bench till 11.PM; then they said, to go to cell so they can lock me up.

I said I will sit outside, I will not run;

They knew, I will not run away still they said they want to sleep (They sleep on duty) so they asked me to go to cell.

They took my valet and searched for any, metal objects and strings I have or not; not even that, they took my Scapular too.

There was one more guy already in the cell;
It was dark and stinking with urine smell;
There was no proper clean place to sit either;

So I was standing holding Jail Cell bars;

At 11.PM their duty changes and new shift police came and they did`t know why I am arrested. As I was looking ordinary with my old cloths, they thought I am arrested for some theft or so, one police came to me and started to pock me with his Police stick and asked me to sit back as I was standing for long holding iron cell bars; he was new shift duty police and did`t know why I am in, then other police told him why I am arrested.

I think his name is Kadam; he asked me what had happened;

I explained him in brief;

He said, if he was in my place he would have cut her in to 2 pieces; if his wife filed false case.

That whole night I spent Standing Holding those cell iron bars.

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