I seen todays many Girls had relation before marriage with someone else, out of these many girls do not want to marry the Boy they Date, They just want someone to pay for her bills and take her to bed when matter of marriage comes they will just dump her boy friend and marry someone else RICH, but she will not reveal her past. Not because she wanted but because of what Other Xpert BIT$$ says.

I found one here again….

My fiance is a nice guy, but I if I tell him now, I may lose him. I can’t imagine my life without him. Should I tell him before or after we get married? Or should I just leave it as it is? I am scared of what will happen if one day, he finds out from someone else.

Here Comes the Answer

Dear Jyoti,
Your fiance should be concerned about the now and the future. He should not be worrying about your past, and neither should you. It is good enough that he knows you’ve had two boyfriends in the past.

There is a certain level of trust in your relationship, and if you bring this up, that trust will quickly vanish. So do the smart thing and forget about confessing. Also stop obsessing about it. There’s no way he will ever find out.

Its a Advice from a Xpert Women to Other, they call it Hiding past is a SMART thing and they are sure men will not find out Girls Past.

Coz many Live in that illusion with a fear that someday husband will findout about her past and end up in Divorce. it is not they are Ready for Divorce but they are after ruining innocent man Life, and Bring up Father less children if Children involved.

This is the Current Status of INDIAN WOMEN.

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