Sweet Revenge

When I went to India, this time, I went to see my grandfather, who is in same place as my Ex native place, and in same town my Abducted son held on Ransom. I met many of her neighbors?, as I know many from same place. one of her neighbor old lady saw me, came running to me and started to talk.

OMG…………! She said.

I asked, what happened.

I saw your son, last Sunday,

Is it….!

He looks just like you, as when you were at his age.

Coz she knows me, Very well since I was small child, when we used to go to grandfather house.

[My Photo, when i was 2 year Old and one and half year old GLENN]yeaaa….! I smiled at her and said.

That?s why I left him there, with them, as a reminder, and they will remember me Every time they see him. I laughed.

Did you meet him? She asked.


No..? Why she asked.

Can you see someone is beating your child….? I asked her

NO…! Not at all.

Same here, I said.

I saw question mark on her face,

I continued……

See last time when I went to meet him in his school, with so much chocolates and sweets. As previous year I took only few chocolate bars and gave it to him. But when he saw me, he was scared to meet me. And refused to take anything from me. His teacher asked him to take chocolates and she will not do anything.

He said NO.

My Grandmother beat me, if I take chocolates from Daddy. When I took last year she threatened me to punish; if I take anything. (Same was recorded in video and produced to court)

So how can I see my son saying, his grand Mother is beating him, if I meet him. I just saw him from far away, that?s it. because of me, i do not want, him to get hurt

I know that Black B****, for years, she is the one who is responsible, it?s all her idea, girl is innocent. Your wife is not like her elder sister or mother…… she continued saying something.

Do not leave innocent child there, take him with you, these pathetic people, make his life misrable. their own boys left home, they do not even come home, nor send any money to parents, thats how they broughtup. All know they are alcoholic like their father.

She keeps on telling her family background and details.

I said, forget……and left from there

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