Her Mother, My ex Mother-out-law, always swears and say with neighbors’ and others that they will raise my son with morals and Good education. When I went to India this time, one of her neighbor told this to me and that made me laugh loudly. Confused informer asked what happened. … Continue reading

False Truths

Day comes after every night, Sometimes its short, sometimes its very long, but my Day came after 12 years of Struggle in Custody case. Father is a Natural Guardian, but in India that’s in Law Books and Name sake only. Women can take and keep child with her without any … Continue reading


Many take children away from father, when separated and never allow them to meet their Father; Women think by that they can harass husband. In reality they are not harassing her husband but they are committing greatest Cruelty and sin against Innocent children. At the same time, Henpecked Judiciary also … Continue reading