Reply from NCW

Meanwhile my mother wrote to NCW. For a women, her son`s agony is her harassment; I spent many sleepless nights, and did so many things to solve this 498a problem, but nothing happened. She cann`t see all this so she wrote to NCW to look into this matter. As NCW … Continue reading

Feminists Attack

After Konkan Kannya episode, one HARDCORE feminist came online to fight with me, when I checked her YAHOO id it was created same day, and today when I checked same Profile is deleted. That means she just created that profile to ARGUE with me only. First she sound like one … Continue reading

Who benefit with 498A

I seen, out of my 6000 Plus members real life stories of 498a Legal Terrorism; only 2 women are back with husband and all others marriages ended with either Divorce or separated making children fatherless, Very few found other man or managed to seduce someone to get marry, but many … Continue reading