The Begining of the END

As I wrote before, that was not the starting of Crack in my marriage, sometimes I think, it was soon after Marriage.

After few days of marriage, when we were still in native place, my parents and she went to her house for a visit.

After marriage I gave some gold to her, including one bracelet. After our visit to her parents to return my home we have to change 2 buses. I told her while dress up, wear that bracelet correctly, coz I knew its hook was tight. She said, no need to tell, I know.

When we return, we came to the junction where we have to get other bus to my native, and there was still time for other bus, so we went to have juice. While having juice, I saw her hand and there was no Bracelet, it was missing, I thought she kept it in bag or somewhere else, but I asked her, about bracelet.

She was shocked to see no bracelet, but she uttered a word, “same thing happened as I told”

It was like, just because I told and it happened, coz she was not ready to admit she was careless.

Anyway I did`t told much, we finished, juice and came back to bus stand, while coming back, where we got down from first bus, there itself that BRACELET was shining. I was happy to find it again, that also to me, it was laying there almost for half an hour, because it was mine and I found it again. That made her more upset.

And this issue she told to all her Family, that made me NOTORIOUS among them and branded me a as “Person of BAD tongue“.

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