They Branded me Absconding…!

Even After requesting to quash the case Public Prosecutor was asking dates after dates or just giving reasons to drag the case.

So I decided to write to Legal Authorities.

I wrote to
President of India
Maharashtra Legal Authorities;
Thane Legal Authorities;
Stating what judge and Public prosecutor are doing with my new Lawyer Address.

I came to know after 9th June they sent mail to my lawyer address.

I sent 2 mails asking my lawyer about status of my case but there was no reply from him.

Then I asked jinesh one of the SIF Activist to check with my lawyer and he called him and found out; that my lawyer is furious, becuase he received mails from legal Authorities, and he was angry,because I gave his C/O address without his permission.

I told legal Authorities that he is my lawyer; I never know they will write mail to him.
He is the one who handle my case and he is my representative in my absence.

As per him, Law Authorities asked judge and PP,why so much delay when she is not coming to court for 7 years.

But they replied in other way; it is delayed because I’m not present. Even my lawyer says he attend every court date and get paid for that, still I’m absconding. This is our pathetic Law system.

She is right Even she did not came for single date in 7 years.
I’m Absconding Even my lawyer Attend every court date.

I’m sure for next date judge will issue Arrest warrant for me.

I’m not victim of her false complaint; but I’m Victim of these biased law keepers.

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