They Paid Rupees 1000 as Fine.

This time I decided to change the Lawyer, I asked many of my friends and other members of Dowry Law Victims group Called SaveIndianFamily.

One of the office collegue Nitin Pingle gave me his lawyer Friends number in Mumbai;

When I went to India in September I called him and he gave one of his Friend Advocate number who stay and Practice at Vasai / Virar.

I went to his home in Virar and met him and told him Everything.

He agreed to take my case and Promised me in 2 months he will try to drop this case as she is not coming to court.

I got Vakalathnama from old lawyer and I appointed Advocate Tulshidas Gole as my new lawyer.

We went to court and asked to see our case file;

For our surprise there was a notice served to her and her witness and 2 of her cousin sisters already paid 1000 Rupees fine.

As I was asked judge and wrote to him produce her to court and i`ll prove her wrong, that made him to issue notice to them.

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