Took me to Court Handcuffed

Next Day;

5th of July, early morning they gave me samosa and Tea;

At 8 AM some of my relatives came to see me; as my Parents informed them.

I told them what had happened;

At 10AM Police Station Sub Inspector came and they took me to him;

At that time one my relative asked to come one of the local Ex Corporator;

Inspector asked me, did I beat my wife;

I said, she left 20 days back, then how can I beat her on 3 days back;

Immediately he said to one of the constable, who was writing Charge sheet,

“Panch sau chaar tak re??? [Apply IPC 504 too]

It was Additional charge, just because I said, she left 20 days back.
Police can charge you falsely in India if you tell truth;

Al together they charged me with;

IPC 498A: “Cruelty by husband or relatives of husband”
IPC 323 : “Voluntarily causing hurt with full knowledge and intention”.
IPC 504 : “Intentional insult and provocation for breaking public peace”
IPC 506 : “Criminal intimidation with a threat to cause death”.

And inspector asked me to go to Thahasildhar for 6 months, every month and get his sign on some paper too;

I do not know why he charged me with all this;

My charge sheet was filled same day;

There was neither Enquiry nor Investigation;

I also told him she took all my Gold, still he said if I utter one more word he will put me on lockup and will not produce to court for a week.

Then everyone told me not to talk anything.

After that they gave me lunch

At 3PM they took me to court handcuffed,

They took me to court like a thief, like one who convicted for murder;
They produced me to court;
I was standing with other Criminals;

When my turn came; judge asked me;

Plead Guilty or no?

I said, “NO” Boldly;

My Relatives arranged one lawyer, he told something to judge and judge allowed me to go to home.

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