They Train him to tell lies.

Even after High court Order they did not allow me to meet my son on his Birthday on January 26th, they thought they won one more event.
Before I returned empty handed, I reported to Police and when I went to their home, my secret Camera was recording everything.

I called my Lawyer and told file Contempt of the Court and same message he gave to her Lawyer too…
Immediately their messages came to take Glenn, and they were trying to prove that I did not come at all to take him. Anyway on 27th I took Glenn with me, as I wrote earlier.

Next day I filled Complaint to Superintendent of Police and enquiry came.
Police questioned everyone.
Even they took statement from Glenn.
And he answered as they directed him. May be he was not aware that I came and left on 26th.
So he also gave Statement that I did not come to take him.

As soon as I got same reply from Police, I wrote a Letter to their Parish Priest about the incident and how those 2 old buffalos teaching and training Innocent mind to tell lies.

And same copy I sent to Glenn too.

Now, Even Parish Priest knows about their Evil ways and that’s how I turn their every Trump card into Dummy,

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