TRUTH continued…..

One of the US Pro women member said
In India women has no rights; she is harassed and Father is natural guardian;

I asked her; Have you been to India, to seen this?
I said, I Born and Raised in India, and I have seen reservation for women but have not seen any reservation for men. Nor any law support for men.

Take my example;

I went to police after my wife abducted my dear son from my house;
I requested them, about my son, they asked how old is he.
I said, 2 Years
They said, they can not do anything, because he with his mother.

He was sleeping on my chest at night;
Eating from my plate;
Most of the time he wanted to spends his time with me;
He liked neighbors bhabi more than his mother;

Still Law support women.

One thought on “TRUTH continued…..

  1. Good to know how you feel about Rudolph’s true story. Yes, we are no Gandhi and i think neither is Rudolph. But, i think when you are in love with your wife and kids, things are different. And, because of the love of the kid atleast, he resorted to fair means. Can you imagine, the kid is not living with either of his parents just because the wife wanted to hurt Rudolph by taking the kid away.
    What I respect in Rudolph is his ability to forgive her in-spite of everything that has happened. We can see that in the mails he wrote to her. Its not easy to want her back even after knowing things about her past and whatever she did. You should know how to really love selflessly to do this.

    I request you to help in his fight by forwarding this link to people you know:

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