I was talking and discussing same issue with many other women world over.
All said women will not just run away from husband home unless there is problem.
She will not at all sacrifice her marriage for just silly reasons.

I said, what if husband found out her infidelity;
If she is not ready or lazy to do her duty as house wife; if a housewife think doing housework is slavery. ?
If husband question, where she spend night..?
When wife is not getting money to spend lavishly?

Same thing happened to me; she wanted to go out at night which I was against it, even she went at night and returned next morning, still I took her back.
She refused to answer my question when, once a week I found guest Tea cups were used for whom?
If a women, do not mind other men pinch her bottom, but withheld sex from husband. And same question I asked her in front of Priest and bible, but she and her parents just walk away answering question.

After all, if a women or her Family never try to solve this marriage problem to Avoid divorce, only if they are in fault.

If there is any Mistake / Fault from my side then they would have came to talk but never came, WHY?
Because she was wrong.

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