Visitation Granted.

Trip to India this time was fruitful.

As I asked Visitation Rights with Bangalore High court I got the order to meet my son.

Actually I wanted to Prove something else than meeting him.

I wanted to show my Ex Out Law that, I am still around and can come any time claiming my rights on my son.

Their Lawyer resisted saying I did not met him for years, nor came to ask his visitation for years as of now I am married… bla bla…

Still Judge agree to give me visitation on Price…. by depositing my Passport at Local court. that was my Outlaws condition as they said I may run away with my son as I am working in Kuwait.

so they have that fear I may do such things….

Getting order was small steps towards my ultimate GOAL. Even after getting Order I did not go to Visit him. I just wanted to show them and make them wait.

It is unfortunate situation of India that Father of child give surety to meet his Son. same if a women kidnap and keep child with her, and Father ask the same Court will grant same ORDER….?


That’s the Biased Indian courts do.

She took away my son by force, and kept like orphan with others when she Enjoy in Dubai. I should ask the Law to give guarantee of my son, as they asked me.

Coz I have equal rights over him and I care for his Safety too

One thought on “Visitation Granted.

  1. If you have proof at any time that wife has left son with someone else, and travelling for long time… then you can ask court to hand over custody during those times to you.

    Coz for welfare of child, he must stay with a parent, not other relatives! This arugment will hold.

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