I do not want anything from you

No matter what she do Now, she is trapped in her own Clutches of Satanic Plans supported by 2 Old Owls and Criminal relatives who misguide her.

I have no Grudge against her, Even she Filled 498A and harassed me for 13 years now. still she is not learnt a lesson her own People whom she thinks, Drear Ones, Pushed her to this situation.

She may be unaware what her Old parents are doing to her, behind her back.

Training Glenn Against me, poisoning his innocent mind, Coz she Blindly beleive in her Parents and Affraid to her Father.

After my January visit, i wrote a Letter to Glenn; but in reply i received one line Letter.

May be its not written by Glenn, nor he never know about my 2 letters.
Letter reply came as “I do not want anything from you.

There was no letter writting format, no Place or date only above wrote one line.
May be schools in Shirva dosnt teach how to write a letter.

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