Wrong Move

For Decades they tried hard and in vein not to allow me to meet my Son Glenn.

She wanted to remove or erase Child memory of me, so when she came to me last time, and when i gave Glenn Chocolate, his favorite GEMS, she said, Say “Thank you Uncle“. and Glenn repeated the same.

When i went to meet him in school and gave Chocolate, her mother threatened or beat him.

When i and my relatives went to school meet Glenn in his class, they told not to allow anyone to meet.

May be she never told who am i. and for sure he never seen my Photo at all.

But what had happened on 27th of January 2013 is total waste of all their efforts. Like for decades they prepared Good Food, buying, cleaning,cutting etc and when food was ready i came and just ate it.

For 13 years they raised him, thinking i will not come to get him, or i will not get him even i approach supreme Court.

But their one wrong move gave me the access.

As they repeatedly begging to take Glenn, i went on 27th, 30 minutes early and just in front of their house on my Scooter; and i saw Glenn and Old man is waiting……

else they knew, as CJ striktly ordered, to give custody to me and they will not get any chance of appeal either.

When i took Glenn with me, i saw, already Dark skinned Out laws…. BURNING……

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