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      My 498a case is running and her chief and cross examination is done in 498a. Now the chief and cross of her father, mother, brother and one of his father’s friend need to be done. They are not coming in 498a dates.

      DV is still running and next date is for her interim maintainance (sec 23). Her chief and cross is not done.

      125: She got the interim maintainanace. And next date is for her chief and cross examination.

      406: She lost 406 charge in JMFC and session court. She filled the case to frame 406 also against all member of my family but MM and session has rejected her application. She filled the revision in high court.

      I have already filled the section 9 RCR. They are not accepting the court letter.

      Divorce case: It is running and next date is for her chief and cross examination. In divorce case she has claimed X amount of money for lump sum settlement under section HMA 25. Where as she is already getting Y amount as interim maintainance.

      Question: We come to know that divorce judge is biased towards the girl and we do not want that divorce case should run unless 498a, DV, 125, Section 9 is over. Can we approach high court to get stay for divorce case that “divorce case should run only after 498a, DV, 125 and section 9 is over”?

      1. Is it possible to get such stay?

      2. What is procedure to get such stay?

      3. Any judgement of high court or supreme court which can help to get stay?

      4. Will Divorce judge can give her some Z amount as permanent alimony? Or judge will give me option that either pay ‘A’ amount per month or pay ‘Z’ amount as permanent alimony? And I can choose one of the option I like? Or judge can only order ‘Z’ amount as permanent alimony and no option for monthly maintainance?

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