Garlic Chutney Powder

Ingredients: Dry Coconut 1 cup Tamarind 1 tea spoon 10-12 Small Garlic cloves Chilli powder 2 tea spoons Salt Method: Roast coconut (without oil). Grind it with garlic and tamarind (do not add water). Now add chilli powder and salt, grind again. Store it in airtight container. This remains good … Continue reading

Crabs Masala

Ingredinets: Crabs 4(big) 8 if Small Medium Onions Samll Coconut 1 tea spoon Coriander seeds 5-6 Red chillies small Ball of Tamarind Oil 2 tea spoons Salt Method: Clean the crabs. If the crab is big, cut them into 2 pieces to make eating easier. Slightly crush the legs with … Continue reading

Green Peas Kurma

Ingredients: 1 cup fresh green peas 1/4 cup Potato pieces 1/4 cup Carot pieces 4-5 cloves 1? piece cinnamon 1 tea Spoon coriander seeds 7-8 pieces cauliflower pieces 1/2 cup onion pieces 1 cup fresh/frozen coconut 3-4 pepper 1/4 cup tomato cut into big pieces 1 tea Spoon fennel seeds(badishep) … Continue reading

Fried Pothrade / Pothrado

Ingredinets: 5-6 colocasia/green collard 3/4 cup fresh coconut 1/4 cup toor dal 1/2 tea spn tamarind  1/2 tbl spoon asapoitida (Hing) 1 tea spoon urad dal 1/2 tea spoon coriander seeds 4-5 red chillies / or Chilli Powder Oil Salt Method: Soak toor dal in water for an hour, or … Continue reading

Dried Shrimp chutney

INGREDIENTS : Dried small shrimps 2 fistful Coconut ½ cup small Onion – chop fine pieces Tamarind juice(thick) ½ tea spoon Chilli powder ½ tea spoon Half spoon termeric Salt METHOD Clean the shrimp .Dry roast (fry without oil) the shrimp for around 4-5mins till the shrimps become crunchy.or till … Continue reading

Dry Fish Chutney

INGREDIENTS : 1/2 cup fried dry fish 1/2 cup grated coconut 2-3 red chillies 2 cloves garlic Tamarind as per taste 1/4 onion salt if necessary METHOD Make small piecs of dry fish after cleaning, Roast it,till giveout good smell,grind all other masal and and mix with dry fish.