Sweet Ragi Rotti

Ragi(Finger Millet) is widely used in Karnataka, its rich in carbohydrate, protein and fiber, 100 grams of Ragi has an average of 340KCal of energy. Ingreedients: 4 cups Ragi Flour (2 Rotis) 100g Jaggari Half coconut milk Ghee Salt to taste Method: In a bowl take ragi flour,jaggari and mix … Continue reading


Ingredients: 1 Cup All purpose flour (Maida) 1 Ripe Banana,(Devbare,Poobare,Budhubale,Mysore is better – use 2, Avoid Nendrabale, or Cenvadish) Half Cup Sugar Half tbsp Yogurt Half tsp Baking soda Pinch of Salt (As required) Oil for deep frying Method: Mash the banana very well without any lumps or whole pieces; … Continue reading


Ingredients: 2 cup dried White chickpeas 4 tablespoons of fresh Coriander leaves 1 large onion, 4 cloves of garlic, 2 tsp coriander powder 2 tsp cumin seed powder 4 tablespoons flour Salt Pepper (optional) Oil for frying Preparation: Keep chickpeasto soak overnight. Drain chickpeas, and bring to a boil in … Continue reading

How to make Garam Masala

Ingredients: 2 tsp cumin seeds 2 tsp coriander seeds 1 tsp whole cloves 3 to 4 bay leaves (Chopped) 2 green cardamom pods(seeds) 4 black cardamom pods(seeds) 12 black peppercorns 1 clove of freshly grated nutmeg 6-cm acacia bark, or 3-inch cinnamon stick Method : Heat a non-stick frying pan … Continue reading

Cassia Tora / Thaikulo Sukkha

Ingreedients : 1/2 Kilo Thaikulo 1 medium Size onion (sliced) 1/4 tsp mustard seeds 1 tsp red chilli Powder,# 1 tsp cumin Powder,# 1 tsp coriander powder,# Pinch of turmeric powder,# 1 tbsp tamarind Water 7/8 jackfruit seeds (sliced) 4/5 curry leaves 1 dried Red chilli salt to taste Small … Continue reading