Carrot Banana Delight


Carrot(big) – 1 no
Banana(big) – 1 no
Almonds(Badam) – 12 nos
Cashewnuts – 12 nos
Milk – 1 1/2 cups
Sugar – As reqd


1)Wash the carrot, scrape it well and cut it into pieces.

2)Boil them well with sufficient water.

3)Allow it to cool.

4)Strain to separate the pieces from water.

5)Mix together the carrot pieces, sliced banana, almonds, cashews, sugar and 1/2 a glass milk.

6)Grind them well, till you get a thick smooth shake.

7)Add the rest of the milk and blend well.

:- Serve chilled.
(Put Almonds in water,for few hours earlier)

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