How to make Tea

There may be many different teas around the world. Tea-making is no just throwing some sugar tea powder and milk together. It’s an art. Master the trick of making tea that everyone loves to sip. So here we go and lay down the rules of making a nice cup of … Continue reading

Energy Drinks

Balance Smoothie Ingredients 70 g Banana, 250 ml Orange juice, 5 ea Baby spinach leaves, 1 tsp Cocoa powder, 125 ml Soya Milk, 2 tbs (20 g) Ground Almonds Method Blend the banana, baby spinach, almond and cocoa powder with the Soya milk. Then add the orange juice and blend … Continue reading

Minty-Melon Juice

Ingredient, Fruits, Watermelon, Servings : 2 Time Taken : 15-30 mins Method 1. Chill soda can, till required. 2. Clean and deseed watermelon prior to use. 3. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours or till well chilled. 4. Save a couple of chunks of watermelon. 5. Chop these fine, keep refrigerated till … Continue reading

Mango milk shake

Ingredients: Squeezed mangoes or mango pulp — 1/4 of total quantity desired (read tips below) Milk (preferably not Skimmed) — 1/2 of total quantity desired Vanilla ice cream or frozen yogurt — 1/4 of total quantity desired Cardamom — about 1 piece per cup Method : Peel the Cardamom and … Continue reading

Dates Wine

Ingredients 3 kilo dates 1 or 1 ½ kilo sugar 2 Tea spoon yeast Handful of rice (boiled) handful of wheat seeds Method: Take half glass of boiling water, add yeast, stair it well, close & keep it aside for 15 minutes.  Soak the dates for 7-8 hrs, and then … Continue reading