Semiya Uppuma

Ingredients :
Vermicelli 200gm
Fat 30gm
Green chillies 5gm
Ginger 5gm
Coriander leaves a few sprigs
Split bengal gram 10gm
Split black gram 10gm
Mustard seeds 2gm
Curry leaves 2sprigs
Salt 10-15gm
Water 400-500ml

Method :
Heat half the fat. Fry vermicelli and remove.
Chop green chillies, ginger and coriander leaves finely. Heat remaining fat, add mustard seeds; when they crackle, fry chopped ingredients and the grams.
Add curry leaves, water and salt. When the water starts boiling. Add vermicelli. Stir and keep on a slow fire till cooked and dry.

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