Vegetable Salad


Potatoes 100 gms.
Lemon juice 1 tsp.
Tomato 100 gms.
Chopped green chili 1 tsp.
Cucumber 100 gms.
Salt To taste.
Onion 100 gms.
Capsicum 75 gms.
White radish 50 gms.
Carrot 100 gms.
Chopped green coriander 1 tsp.


1. Boil and dice potatoes.
2. Cut and dice tomatoes
3. Peel and cut cucumber and carrots into half inch pieces.
4. Peel onions and radish and cut into small pieces.
5. Deseed capsicum and cut finely.
6. Mix all the vegetables. Add chopped green chilies, chopped green coriander, lemon juice and salt. Toss well.
7. Arrange in a salad bowl and serve cold.

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