Prawns Pickle

Half KgPrawns (After Shelled and cleaned ) 1 Pinch Salt 1 Flakes Garlic 1 Teaspoon Chilly Powder, Red Can use paste 1 Teaspoon Ginger Can use paste 2 Oz. Ghee For frying masala. Can use oil. 2 Tablespoon Coconut Milk ground and made into thick coconut milk. 1 Medium Onion … Continue reading

Pork Pickle

1.5 Kilogram Pork for slicing, and frying 10 Nos Chillies, Red Dry dry and long and short for masala 2 Tablespoon Sugar for adding 1 Teacup Sweet Oil for frying pork pieces 1 Teacup Vinegar for grinding masala 6 Flakes Garlic for masala 1 Bits Ginger for masala 1 Bits … Continue reading

Fish Pickle

50 Nos Sardines(Or Any fleshy fish) previously cleaned, washed and entrails removed. 10 Nos Chillies, Green According to taste – Masala sliced 2 Pods (whole) Garlic Masala sliced – half for Masala ground 10 Grammes Ginger fresh – Masala sliced – half for Masala ground 1 Dessertspoon Jeera/Cumin Seeds Masala … Continue reading

Lime Pickle

50 Nos Lime (fresh) 125 Grammes Chillies, Red Dry Without seeds 3 Sticks Cinnamon 10 Nos Cloves (spice) 3 Pods (whole) Garlic 3 Bits Ginger 225 Grammes Plums 3 Tablespoon Salt or to taste. 1350 Grammes Sugar 1 Teacup Vinegar Method: Grind the masala (Red Chillies, ginger, garlic, cinnamon, ) … Continue reading