Cucumber Mandas

Ingredients : 1 Teaspoon Cardamom Powder 4 Nos Coconuts – fresh. 1 Kilogram Cucumber – Large Variety 800 Grammes Jaggery 1 Little Nutmeg 1 Kilogram Boiled Rice 1 Kilogram Rice, Raw (Surai) Method Scrape the coconuts and grind, and extract 2 cups of thick juice. See Coconut Juice. Remove the … Continue reading

Puran Poli

Ingredients: For the filling: 1 kg Bengal gram dahl 1 kg jaggery or sugar Nutmeg powder & cardamom powder to taste A few strands of saffron For the covering: 400 gms all-purpose flour Ghee (butter) for frying A pinch of salt Method: To prepare the filling: 1. Wash the Bengal … Continue reading