Dates Wine

Ingredients 3 kilo dates 1 or 1 ½ kilo sugar 2 Tea spoon yeast Handful of rice (boiled) handful of wheat seeds Method: Take half glass of boiling water, add yeast, stair it well, close & keep it aside for 15 minutes.  Soak the dates for 7-8 hrs, and then … Continue reading

Ginger Wine

Quarter Kilogram Ginger 100 Grammes Sugar 500 Ml. Water 20 Nos Chillies, Kashmir 1.5 Kilogram Sugar 1.5 Liter Water Half Tablespoon Cloves (spice) 12 Sticks Cinnamon 12 Nos Cardamom A Little Citric Acid Method: Peel and smash or grind coarse quarter kilogram of ginger. Burn quarter pound of sugar. Boil: … Continue reading

Grape Wine

2 Kilogram Grapes – seedless Black fresh grapes. 1 Nos Egg Whites 1,1/2 Kilogram Sugar Use 1 kg first, and 1/2 kg later as explained in the method 1 Handfuls Wheat – whole. 50 Grammes Plums 4 Bottle Water Boiled and cooled Method Wash grapes thoroughly. Put in a vessel … Continue reading