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When you are an activist for MyNation Foundation(MNF) or its group of NGOs on ground (in Ahmedabad,Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Hydrabad,Bhubaneswar,UAE,Kuwait,Canada,Australia), you get following advantages. We provide help for free and promote harmony in society:

1) MyNation Foundation group gives you mental strength to fight with evil forces.

2) You get simple tips and ideas from other members who are fighting their own cases.

3) Your get full information about dynamics of the case and harassment. "Knowledge is Power". So, once you join MyNation Foundation group you know what all going to happen a priori. You are well informed.

4) MyNation Foundation group saves you from your OWN LAWYER (if you wish) !! In this battle, often lawyers can play very nasty games for money and for settlements. MyNation Foundation ground activists have full architecture to safeguard yourself from your lawyer and his/her games. So, you can keep him/her under control.

5) MyNation Foundation group Senior members have full knowhow about how IPCs work and how to improve your case !! It is a well known fact that most lawyers do not know full dynamics of IPCs and Matrimonial equations. They may even have shortage of time. Almost all of them do not want to fight out and play evasive methods. MyNation Foundation group can make you better than your lawyer. Senior MyNation Foundation group members carry IPC, CRPC books and they study all relevant sections and Citations in details. So, their focus makes them remain ahead of lawyers.

6) MyNation Foundation group can save you from police if you are at pre-498a stage.

7) MyNation Foundation group can heal the pain and suffering for your parents in a short time.

8) MyNation Foundation group can give you tips to have very low settlement amounts in case of witrhdrawl of 498a.

9) MyNation Foundation group can make you grin and enjoy you and your families trip to the Court. Imagine, you just enjoying life when your treacherous opponents burn in anger and frustration. That frustration will make them commit more and more mistakes. Finally, you can go for check mate.

MyNation Foundation group Senior members do this by boosting your inner strength by filling you with powerful energy.

Please take a few moments to sign the public interest litigation at PIL.
Also join the MyNation Foundation yahoogroup.
(*** MyNation group has a high volume of messages by victims and volunteers so there are lot's of mail every day ***)

What more do you want ??

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