Vikashchandra Mishra vs The State Of Madhya Pradesh on 17 November, 2017

1 M.Cr.C. No.4591/2017 [Vikashchandra Mishra Vs. State of M.P. and another] HIGH COURT OF MADHYA PRADESH PRINCIPAL SEAT JABALPUR SINGLE BENCH: HON. SHRI JUSTICE G.S. AHLUWALIA M.Cr.C. No.4591/2017 ………Applicant: Vikashchandra Mishra Versus ………Respondents : State of M.P. and another —————————————————————————————- Shri H.S. Dubey, Senior Counsel with Shri Abhinav Dubey, Counsel … Continue reading

Anthonichamy vs Rani @ Ezhilarasi on 15 November, 2017

BEFORE THE MADURAI BENCH OF MADRAS HIGH COURT DATED: 15.11.2017 RESERVED ON : 26.10.2017 PRONOUNCED ON : 15.11.2017 CORAM THE HONOURABLE MRS.JUSTICE V.BHAVANI SUBBAROYAN C.M.A.(MD)No.650 of 2007 Anthonichamy … Appellant/Petitioner vs. Rani @ Ezhilarasi … Respondent/Respondent PRAYER:- Civil Miscellaneous Appeal is filed under Section 55 of the Divorce Act, 1869, … Continue reading