Asha Rani vs Gobind Lal on 30 October, 2017


CMM-57-2015 and


Present: Mr. Ajaivir Singh, Advocate
for the appellant.

Mr. Tarun Dhingra, Advocate
for Mr. Nitesh Singhi, Advocate
for the respondent.

Reply filed.

Arguments heard on application under Section 24 of the
Hindu Marriage Act.

Since the applicant-appellant had been awarded sum of `2500/-
per month in proceeding under Section 24 of the Hindu Marriage Act during
the period from 2012 to 2014, we are of the considered opinion that sum of
`5000/- per month would be a reasonable amount to be paid by the
respondent-husband to the appellant-wife as maintenance pendente lite
during pendency of the appeal, payable with effect from the date of the
application i.e. March, 2015.

Litigation expenses are assessed at `30,000/-.
A sum of `25,000/- has already been paid. The said amount
will be deductible from the amount assessed.

The application is allowed accordingly.
For payment of arrears of maintenance pendente lite and
litigation expenses, to come up on 29.01.2018.

All arrears calculated till 31.01.2018 would be cleared on next
date of hearing.


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