Section 258 – The Cantonments Act,2006

The Cantonments Act,2006

Section 258. Closing and opening of streets

(1) A Board may open any street for public use.

(2) A Board shall not permanently close any street without the prior permission of the General Officer Commanding in Chief, or the Principal Director: Provided that no such street shall be closed for reasons other than the security reasons and without giving a public notice inviting objections and suggestions from the general public.

(3) The Chief Executive Officer may, by public notice, temporarily close any street or any part of a street for repair or for the purpose of carrying out any work connected with drainage, water- supply or lighting or any other work which he is by or under this Act required or permitted to carry out: Provided that where, owing to any works or repairs or from any other cause, the condition of any street or of any water- works, drain, culvert or premises vested in the Board, is such as to be likely to cause danger to the public, the Board shall-

(a) take all reasonable means for the protection of the adjacent buildings and land and provide reasonable means of access thereto;

(b) cause sufficient barriers or fences to be erected for the security of life and property, and cause such barriers or fences to be sufficiently lighted from sunset to sunrise.

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The Cantonments Act,2006

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