Section 48 – The Cantonments Act,2006

The Cantonments Act,2006

Section 48. Power to make regulations

(1) A Board may make regulations consistent with this Act and with the rules made thereunder to provide for all or any of the following matters, namely:-

(a) the time and place of its meetings;

(b) the manner in which notice of the meeting shall be given;

(c) the conduct of proceedings at meetings and the adjournments of meetings;

(d) the custody of the common seal of the Board and the purposes for which it shall be used; and

(e) the appointment of committees for any purpose and the determination of all matters relating to the constitution and procedure of such committees, and the delegation to such committees, subject to any conditions which the Board thinks fit to impose, of any of the powers or duties of the Board under this Act other than a power to make regulations or bye- laws.

(2) No regulation made under clause (e) of sub- section (1) shall take effect until it has been approved by the Central Government.

(3) No regulation made under this section shall take effect until it has been published in such manner as the Central Government may direct.

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The Cantonments Act,2006

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