Section 63 – The Chits Funds Act,1982

The Chits Funds Act,1982

63. Levy of fees.

(1) There shall be paid to the Registrar such fees as the State Government may, from time to time, prescribe for,

(a) the issue of previous sanction under Sec.4;

(b) the filing of the chit agreement of the Registrar and the registration of the chit under Sec.7;

(c) the filling of a declaration with the Registrar and the grant of a certificate of commencement under Sec.9;

(d) the filling of copies of documents under any of the provisions of this Act;

(e) the audit of the accounts of the foreman under Sec.61;

(f) the inspection of documents under Sec.62.

(g) the obtaining of certified copies or extracts of documents and records under Sec. 62; and

(h) such other matters as may appear necessary to the State Government.

(2) A table of fees prescribed under sub-section (1) shall be exhibited on a notice-board in the office of the Registrar.

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The Chits Funds Act,1982

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