Section 251 – The Companies Act,1956

The Companies Act, 1956

251. Saving for legal advisers and bankers.

Nothing in sections 1[234 to 247 and 250] shall require the disclosure to 2[3[Tribunal] or to the Central Government or to the Registrar or to an inspector appointed by Central Government]

(a)by a legal adviser, of any privileged communication made to him in that capacity, except as respects the name and address of his client; or

(b)by the bankers of any company, body corporate 4[***] or other person, referred to in the sections aforesaid, as such bankers of any information as to the affairs of any of their customers other than such company, body corporate 4[***] or person.


1. Subs. by Act 53 of 2000, sec. 127, for “234 to 250” (w.e.f. 13-12-2000).

2. Subs. by Act 31 of 1988, sec. 44, for certain words (w.e.f. 31-5-1991).

3. Subs. by Act 11 of 2003, sec. 33, for “Company Law Board”.

4. Subs. by Act 53 of 2000, sec. 127, for “, managing agent, secretaries and treasurers” (w.e.f. 13-12-2000).

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The Companies Act, 1956

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