The Consumer Protection Act, 1986

The Consumer Protection Act, 1986






1 Short title, extent, commencement and application.
2 Definitions.
3 Act not in derogation of any other law.
4 The central consumer protection council.
5 Procedure for meetings of the central council.
6 Objects of the central council.
7 The state consumer protection councils.
8 Objects of the state council.
8A The District Consumer Protection Council.
8B Objects of the District Council
9 Establishment of consumer disputes redressed agencies.
10 Composition of the district forum.
11 Jurisdiction of the district forum.
12 Manner in which complaint shall be made.
13 Procedure on receipt of complaint.
14 Finding of the district forum.
15 Appeal
16 Composition of the state commission.
17 Jurisdiction of the state commission.
17A Transfer of cases
17B Circuit Benches
18 Procedure applicable to state commissions.
18A Vacancy in the office of the president.
19 Appeals.
19A Hearing of appeal
20 Composition of the national commission.
21 Jurisdiction of the National commission.
22 Power of and procedure applicable to the national commission
22A Power to set aside ex parte orders
22B Transfer of cases
22C Circuit Benches
22D Vacancy in the office of President
23 Appeal.
24 Finality of orders.
24A Limitation Period.
24B Administrative Control
25 Enforcement of orders by the forum, the state commission or the National
26 Dismissal of frivolous or vexatious complaints.
27 Penalties.
27A Appeal against order passed under section 27
28 Protection of Action taken in good faith.
28A Service of notice, etc.
29 Power to remove difficulties.
29A Vacancies or defects in appointment not to invalidate orders.
30 Power to make rules.
30A Power of the National Commission to make regulations
31 Laying of rules.



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