Section 31 – Delhi Sales Tax, 1975

Delhi Sales Tax, 1975

31. Set-off

(1) Where the Commissioner is satisfied that delay beyond the prescribed period has occurred in the grant of a certificate of registration to a dealer and that such delay was not wholly due to any fault, commission or negligence on the part of the dealer, the amount of tax, if any, paid on sales of goods made to such dealer which would not have been payable but for the delay in the grant of a certificate of registration as aforesaid, shall be adjusted against any amount payable by the dealer under this Act. PROVIDED that-

(a) in case the amount of tax so paid by the dealer exceeds his liability to pay any amount under this Act the adjustment shall be made to the extent of such liability and the balance shall be refunded to the dealer; and

(b) in case there is no liability to pay amount under this Act, the entire amount of tax paid shall be refunded to the dealer;

PROVIDED FURTHER that the dealer shall not be entitled to any such adjustment or refund in respect of the goods, which are not specified in the certificate of registration granted to him.

(2) No application for adjustment or refund of tax under this section shall be entertained unless it is made within three months from the date on which a certificate of registration is granted to the dealer.

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Delhi Sales Tax, 1975

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