Section 35 – Delhi Sales Tax, 1975

Delhi Sales Tax, 1975

40. Information to be furnished regarding change of business

if any dealer to whom the provisions of sub-section (2) of section 21 apply –

(a) sells or otherwise disposes of his business or any part of his business or any place of business, or effects or comes to know of any other change in the ownership of the business; or

(b) discontinues his business or changes his place of business or warehouse, or opens a new place of business; or

(c) changes the name or nature of his business or effects any change in the goods or class of goods in which he carries on his business and which is or are specified in his certificate of registration; or

(d) enters into partnership or other association in regard to his business , he shall, within the prescribed time, inform the prescribed authority accordingly, and if any such dealer dies, his legal representative shall in like manner inform the said authority.

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Delhi Sales Tax, 1975

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