Dehra Dun Act, 1871

Dehra Dun Act, 1871

Dehra Dun Act, 1871

(ACT NO. 21 of 1871)

11th July, 1871

An Act to give validity to the operation of the general Regulations and Acts within the Dedhra Dun. Preamble. Whereas it is necessary to give validity to the operation of the general Regulations and Acts within the district under the Superintendent of the Dehra Dun; It is hereby enacted as follows:-

2. Jurisdiction of High Court and Board of Revenue over Dehra Dun

The High Court and the Board of Revenue of 1[Uttar shall exercise 2[***] respectively, in the said district, all the powers which the said High Court or Board of Revenue are at present, respectively, authorized to exercise in any part of 1[ Agra].

1. Substituted for the words “the North-Westerm Provinces” by A. L. O. 1950.

2. The words “and shall be deemed to have been heretofore authorized to exercise” were repealed by the Amending Act. 1891 (12 of 1891).

3. District Court of Saharanpur to be District Court of Dehra Dun

The District Court of Saharan shall be 1[***] the District Court of such district until the 2[State Government] otherwise direct 3[***].

The words “deemed to have been heretofore the Directs Court of the said district of Dehra Dun and” were repealed by thee Amending Act 1891 (12 of 1891).

2. Substituted for the words “Provincial Government” by A.L.O,. 1950, which had been substituted for the words local Government’ by A.O., 1937.

3. Words “and may subject to the provisions of Act 6 of 1871, hear appeals from decisions given in the said district before the passing of this Act” were repealed, ibid.

4. Exemption of Jaunsar Bawar

Nothing in this Act shall apply to that portion of the Dehra Dun district called Jaunsar Bawar 1[***].

1. Words “and referred to in S. ll of Act24of l864″repealed by the Amending Act. l891(12 of l891).

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