The Protection of Civil Rights Act,1955

The Protection of Civil Rights Act,1955






1 Short title, extent and commencement
2 Definitions
3 Punishment for enforcing religious disabilities
4 Punishment for enforcing social disabilities
5 Punishment for refusing to admit person to hospitals, etc
6 Punishment for refusing to sell goods or render services
7 Punishment for other offences arising out of €œuntouchability€
7A Unlawful compulsory labour when to be deemed to be a practice of untouchability€
8 Cancellation or suspension of Licences in certain cases
9 Resumption or suspension of grants made by Government
10 Abetement of offence
10A Power of State Government to impose collective fine
11 Enhanced penalty on subsequent conviction
12 Presumption by Courts in certain cases
13 Limitation of jurisdiction of Civil Courts
14 Offences by Companies
14A Protection of action taken in good faith
15 Offences to be cognizable and triable summarily
15A Duty of State Government to ensure that the rights accruing from the abolition of €œuntouchability€ may be availed of by the concerned person
16 Act to override other laws
16A Probation of Offenders Act,1958, not to apply to persons above the age of fourteen years
16B Power to make rules
17 Repeal


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