The Public Gambling Act,1867

The Public Gambling Act,1867






1 Interpretation clause
2 Power to extend Act
3 Penalty for owning or keeping, or having charge of a gaming-house
4 Penalty for being found in gaming-house
5 Power to enter and authorize police to enter and search
6 Finding cards, etc., in suspected houses, to be evidence that such houses are common gaming-houses
7 Penalty on persons arrested for giving false name and addresses
8 On conviction for keeping a gaming-house, instruments of gaming to be destroyed
9 Proof of playing for stakes unnecessary
10 Magistrate may require any person apprehended to be sworn and give evidence
11 Witness indemnified
12 Act not to apply to certain games
13 Gaming and setting birds and animals to fight in public streets
14 Offences by whom triable
15 Penalty for subsequent offence
16 Portion of fine may be paid to informer
17 Recovery and application of fines
18 Offences under this Act to be “offences” within the meaning of Penal Code


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