8. Term of office of members of advisory panels

(1) A member of an advisory panel shall hold office during the pleasure of the Central Government.


(2) Subject to the provisions of sub-rule (1), every such member shall hold office for a period not exceeding two years:


PROVIDED that any person holding office as a member immediately before the commencement of these rules shall hold such office only for the remainder of the term for which he was appointed.


(3) A retiring member or a member whose term of office has expired by efflux of time shall be eligible for re-appointment.


(4) A casual vacancy in an advisory panel caused by the resignation, death or removal of any member or otherwise shall be filled by fresh appointment and the person so appointed shall hold office for a period not exceeding two years.


(5) The Central Government may remove from office any member of an advisory panel before the expiration of his term of office:


PROVIDED that a member appointed to an advisory panel after consultation with the Board shall not be so removed except on the recommendation of or after consultation with the Board.

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