Section 7 – The Company Law Board Regulations, 1991

7. Jurisdiction of the Bench

(1) All proceedings, other than the proceedings before the Principal Bench under regulation 4, shall be instituted before the Bench within whose jurisdiction the registered office of the company is situated.


(2) The regions where the Benches shall ordinarily have their sittings are the Northern Region, the Southern Region, 10A[including Additional Principal Bench] the Eastern Region and the Western Region, the States and Union territories falling within each of such regions being states and Union territories as provided in Annexure I to these Regulations.


(3) The Benches shall ordinarily have their sittings at Calcutta (Eastern Region), Bombay (Western Region), Madras (Southern Region)10A[including Additional Principal Bench] and New Delhi (Northern Region):


Provided that the Bench may, at its discretion, hold its sittings in any other city or town falling within the region 11[or at any other place outside the region with the consent of the parties].

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