5. Manner of making order for removal of temples or structures under sub-section (1) of Section 7. —  

(1) Before making any order under sub-section (1) of Section 7 for removal of any temple or structure, the State Government or any other officer authorized by the State Government in this behalf, shall give at least 90 days notice to the person or persons involved in the acts complained of, and also to the owners and occupiers of the temple or structure proposed to be removed.

(2) The notice under sub-rule (1) shall specify —

(1) the temple/structure proposed to be removed, its location and other particulars,

(2) the owners/occupiers of the temple/structure, and

(3) the specific instance or instances of worship or ceremony contravening the provisions of Section 7.

(3) The State Government or the officer authorized by the State Government in this behalf shall, after giving reasonable opportunity of being heard to persons specified in the notice, order the removal of the temple or structure through a police officer not below the rank of the Sub-Inspector.

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