Section 201 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

201. Notice of first or other meeting to officers of company

(1) In a winding-up by the Court, the Official Liquidator shall also give to each of the officers of the company, who in his opinion ought to attend the first or any other meeting of creditors or contributories, fourteen days’ notice of the time and place appointed for such meeting. The notice may either be delivered personally or sent by registered post for acknowledgement as may be convenient. It shall be the duty of every officer who receives notice of such meeting to attend if so required by the Liquidator, and if any such officer’ fails to attend, the Liquidator may report such failure to the Court. Such notice shall be in Form No. 92.


(2) The Official Liquidator, if he thinks fit, may, instead of requiring any of the officers of the company to attend the meeting as aforesaid, require such officer to answer any interrogatories or to furnish in writing any information that he may require for purposes of such meeting, and if such officer fails to answer the interrogatories or furnishes such information, he shall report such failure to the Court.

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