Section 203 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

203. Costs of calling meetings at the instance of creditor or contributory

Where a creditor or contributory desires the liquidator to convene a meeting, the liquidator may require such creditor or contributory to deposit as a condition precedent thereto a sum sufficient for the costs thereof, to be computed as hereinafter provided; and on any application to the Court by a creditor or contributory to direct the Liquidator to convene a meeting, the Judge may, if he thinks fit, require the applicant to deposit a similar sum for such costs. Such sum shall include all disbursements necessary to be made for printing, stationery, postage and hire of room, to be calculated at the rate of Re. 1 for each creditor or contributory up to the first 25 creditors or contributories, 50 Paise for each creditor or contributory for the next 75 creditors or contributories, 25 Paise for each creditor or contributory above the first 100 creditors or contributories. The sum so deposited shall be repaid to the person depositing the same out of the assets of the company, if the Court shall by order, or if the creditors shall by resolution, so direct.

This Rule shall not apply to meetings to be summoned by the Official Liquidator under section 460(3)(b) or to a meeting summoned at the instance of a creditor under section 506.

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