Section 79 – THE COMPANIES (COURT) RULES, 1959

79. Petition for confirming compromise or arrangement

Where the proposed compromise or arrangement is agreed to, with or without modification, as provided by sub-section (2) of section 391, the company, (or its liquidator, as the case may be), shall within 7 days of the filing of the report by the Chairman, present a petition to the Court for confirmation of the compromise or arrangement. The petition shall be in Form No. 40.

Where a compromise or arrangement is proposed for the purposes of or in connection with a scheme for the reconstruction of any company or companies, or for the amalgamation of any two or more companies, the petition shall pray for appropriate orders and directions under section 394.

Where the company fails to present the petition for confirmation of the compromise or arrangement as aforesaid, it shall be open to any creditor or contributory as the case may be, with the leave of the Court, to present the petition and the company shall be liable for the costs thereof.

Where no petition for confirmation of the compromise or arrangement is presented, or where the compromise or arrangement has not been approved by the requisite majority under section 391(2) and consequently no petition for confirmation could be presented, the report of the Chairman as to the result of the meeting made under the preceding rule shall be placed for consideration before the Judge for such orders as may be necessary.

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