10B. Registration of factories or establishments

(1) The employer in respect of a factory or an establishment to which the Act applies for the first time and to which an employer’s code number is not yet allotted and the employer in respect of a factory or an establishment to which the Act previously applied but has ceased to apply for the time being, shall furnish to the appropriate regional office not later than 15 days after the Act becomes applicable, as the case may be, to the factory or establishment, a declaration or registration in writing in Form 01 (hereinafter referred to as Employer’s Registration Form).

(b) The employer shall be responsible for the correctness of all the particulars and information required for and furnished on the employer’s registration form.

(c) The appropriate regional office may direct the employer who fails to comply with the requirements of paragraph (a) of this regulation within the time stated therein, to furnish to that office employer’s registration form duly completed within such further time as may be specified and such employer shall, thereupon, comply with the instructions, issued by that office in this behalf.

(d) Upon receipt of the completed employer’s registration form, the appropriate Regional Office shall, if satisfied that the factory or the establishment is one to which the Act applies, allot to it an employer’s code number (unless the factory or the establishment has already been allotted an Employer’s Code Number) and shall inform the employer of that number.

(e) The employer shall enter the employer’s code number on all documents prepared or completed by him in connection with the Act, the rules and these regulations and in all correspondence with the appropriate office.

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