Form Ol – Industrial Disputes (Central) Rules, 1957

FORM- O1: Notice of Commencement of Lay-Off

(Rule 75A)


    The Regional Labor Commr. (Central), _______________________________ (specify the region concerned)


    1.Under rule 75A of the Industrial Disputes (Central) Rules, 1957, I / we hereby inform that I / we have laid-off _______________ out of a total of ________ workmen employed in the establishment w.e.f._____________ for the reasons explained in the Annexure.

    2. Such of the workmen concerned as are entitled to compensation under section 25C of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, will be paid compensation due to them.

Yours faithfully

Copy forwarded to :

Asstt. Labor Commissioner (Central) of local area _____________________________


Statement Of reasons

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